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The Pain and Performance Podcast

Derrick Hines

Scientifically Hacking: Health, Healing, Pain, Nutrition, and Longevity. We'll dive into all the exact habits, technology and recommendations you can use to optimize health, healing and life! Learn how I use and apply these everyday in my Pain Specialty Practice to improve my patient's lives, speed their healing, and increase longevity. On the podcast, I interview the scientist, doctors, creators and even patients on topics like: -Health Optimization-Supercharge Healing and Recovery-Sleep Enhancements Techniques-Daily Routines and Tactics for the Optimized Life-Research on Technology, Treatments, Supplements and more.-Case Review - We interview and discuss difficulty pain or health cases and how someone improved, healed and got back to living!-Mindset Improvements-Wholistic Living -Much, Much More!
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